Weekend Brew | May 19-20

In this weekend’s edition of the brew: super duper fun spring park edits, May pow in Engelberg, a Xylophone snowboard, a couple of ski related projects on Kickstarter, T. Rice and more…

Fist Descent Mt. Bryce N. Face | RAD first descent in the Canadian Rockies by Chris Brazeau.  Solo nonetheless…

Smart Ski Poles | Neva ski poles on Kickstarter. Whaddya think?

Dude, it’s OK to hug your Bro | according to the folks at Semi-Rad.  Thoughts?

Team Yoke | “Kill All The Posers” Super fun spring edit! Beer, Jeans, broken skis and Shane McFalls…

The Final Moment | another super fun spring park edit, this one from Moment Skis

Engelberg May 17 | with Oskar Enander & co. Wish our May 17 skiing was as powtastic as that!

Brody Leven |
Cinco de Ski-Climb-Bike-O

“Ski Brakes That Don’t Suck” | What do ‘ya think? These guys are trying to raise 20k on Kickstarter to bring these to market. The video is pretty funny.  I laughed..

Xylophone Snowboard | the team at Signal Snowboards is always up to something cool!

Travis Rice | “Why We Watch” As with most everything T. Rice, this one features lots of dramatic voiceovers and lots of the best snowboarding in the world…

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