Valdez 100 Year Avalanche | Video

This is the most sizable avalanche debris we have ever seen. After a recent rain and warming event Valdez, Alaska saw a massive avalanche cycle with debris that piled up over roads, damned rivers and generally destroyed anything in sight.

Multiple avalanches on the Richardson Highway have reported to have run in a big way. The largest slide had an avalanche debris field in the canyon that is estimated to be 100 feet tall and between 1,000 feet and 1,500 feet long. The debris has damned the Lowe River, creating it’s own lake with massive amounts of water. Fortunately, the “lake” seems to be naturally draining but still presents a major potential hazard if the snow damn were to burst suddenly. The town of Valdez is effectively cut off from the world by road right now, but extra flights from Anchorage have been added and supplies are being replenished.

More photos and information can be found here. Check out a video of the debris:

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