The Daily Brew | April 24

Eleven videos in the brew today. That’s a lot of potential procrastination time!

The Daily Brew | April 23

Loveland Pass/Sheep Creek Avalanche | really tragic and sobering news out of Colorado. Wild Snow has a statement from a first responder.

McConkey at Tribeca | another solid review. We can’t wait to see it!

Oskar Enander | Photographer Slideshow. Amazing work in here…

The Backyard Project | Teaser #1. Could be cool. Have you thought about skiing all the peaks visible from your house?

Yesterday at Snowbird | pretty damn fun looking day at the Bird.

Skiing Kickstep | great looking line with Josh Randich + his buddies Josh and Deven

Trains 2013 | High Fives Foundation Event at Alpine Meadows

Blade Nation | funny stuff out of Crested Butte. Cheers to Andrew Lussie for pointing this one out to us.

Ander Iriarte | sent us his season edit from Basque country (Negua)

POV from Meribel | thanks to Ralph Lawson for pointing this one our way!

Brighton Closing Day | with Saga. Pink Jackets and Free Hot Dogs!

Skiing in the Arlberg (Austria) | we love the user submitted videos, cheers Ben Dunster!

“Fake Skier” | Seattleville. Know anyone like this guy? There are definitely a few people in JH that attempt this…

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