Summer Skiing in Jackson Hole | Cody Peak & The Tram

The tram is back open in Jackson Hole! This is probably the easiest way to slide on snow in Jackson Hole at the moment, with higher elevations still holding good conditions in Grand Teton National Park but longer dirt approaches required. We went out yesterday to enjoy the combination of tank tops, mini-arches, sun cups, corn, skinning, scrambling, beer and tram rides:

Jackson Hole tram: the easiest way to gain 4k+ vert. Summer operations for the tram started yesterday and the skiing is still pretty decent up high. JHMR only allows out-of-bounds skiing, but it’s easy to traverse out to Cody Peak for a lap or two. Skinning back to the top of the tram and riding it back down is the best way to do it this season as the snow doesn’t go too low at this point. Summer-Skiing-Tram-Jackson-Hole-600

A look at how Cody Peak is holding snow right now. Four Shadows skied well and reports from Powder 8’s sounded like the best snow around. Pucker is a mess and probably a no go without getting pretty aggressive. Groups were skiing Once is Enough and No Name as well. Jackson-Hole-Summer-Tram-Skiing-Cody-Peak-600

The Cody hike is pretty much all on rock at this point Hiking-Cody-Peak-Ski-Vert-672

Andrew Whiteford spraying some marginally soft snow dropping into Four Shadows Andrew-Whiteford-Four-Shadows-Skiing-Jackson-Hole-599-1


The Cody mini-arch was “in”- Kyle Dowman limbos in Cody-Mini-Arch-Skiing-Dowman-651-1


Party Skiing… Jackson-Hole-Summer-Tram-Fun-600

Skins on and back up to the tram Skinning-Summer-Skiing-Jackson-Hole-600

Beer thirty at Corbet’s Cabin is followed up with a nice tram ride to the bottom Summer-Tram-PBR-Beer-672

Now go ride bikes! DCIM100GOPRO

Details: –  More info on –  Skiing in-bounds is strictly prohibited. It’s easy to go OB from the top and out to Cody Peak etc. –  Tram opens at 9AM so watch the temps and get in and out early –  Tram is free to locals through June 14th or free with your 2012/13 Winter Grand Pass –  If you’re coming in from out of town, the cheapest way to buy tram tickets is online.  Tickets are $32 at the window and $26 online


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