Sled fail

UPDATE 2 (May 5): We have just added a third angle from across the valley. We have no words.

UPDATE: We just added the 2nd angle from one of the guys at the top. Click through to watch the slide almost make it and the safety crew go for a burly jump into a big couloir.

Editor’s Note: Every now and then a non-ski video comes along that deserves a look. This is without a doubt one of them. Ever thought about jumping into a giant couloir without skis and a 500 pound machine chasing you? Thanks to this video, you don’t have to imagine such a situation anymore. This rivals the most impressive on-snow tumbles we’ve ever seen.  Also, anybody looking at a “slightly used” Arctic Cat may want to pay special attention to any sled that claims to have “slight body damage”.



Want to see the other angle? Click to about :45 seconds:

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