Red Bull Cold Rush | Day 1 Big Mountain

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This event flat out rules. Here is the action from Day 1 during the Big Mountain segment at Silverton Mountain.  The footage is amazing and the riding is insane! As always, Silverton Mountain provides the goods, stoked to see the footage from Day 2 & 3.

  • Dongshow

    Treadway has the sickest line by far from my quick viewing. Hard to get a good idea of whats going down without a pan out

  • JeffBrines

    Dave’s burly factor was off the charts. Very very cool skiing. Problem was, he fell. Tudor looked good too.

  • JeffBrines

    Side note, I have to wonder why guys like Drew Tabke didn’t get an invite. Apparently winning the FWT isn’t enough?

  • JeffBrines

    Just as an update, Dane Tudor and Rachel Burks took the win. The awe-inspiring “cliffs” day was cancelled this year due to sketchy (and thin) snowpack.