Pro Playlist | Sierra Quitiquit (with extended interview)

Sierra Quitiquit has officially blown up. The skier/model has infiltrated the likes of Time Square billboards, some of the larger airs around Jackson and hearts of ski bums everywhere. We caught up with her on the phone while in NYC and she gave us the low down on life, modeling, music and even (naked) yoga.

Six months ago you’d have to either be a friend or real industry nerd to know who Sierra Quitiquit is. These days she’s not only on bill boards throughout the country but even featured in an American Eagle TV spot set to air Nationwide throughout this holiday season.

Splitting time between modeling in the big apple and chasing pow turns in Utah, one could say she’s “living the dream”. As a unique (and very beautiful)  member of the big mountain freeskiing community we consider ourselves lucky she took some time out of her busy schedule to talk with us. Here is what she had to say regarding life, modeling, skiing and music… Oh, and if you aren’t sure who Sierra is, this should remind you…



[Earlyups]: Goals for upcoming season?

[Sierra Quitiquit]: Shred big lines with my ladies, faceshots in Japan, 4 o’clock gondis in Jackson, switch 5’s, tall boys on early ups, spandex, drink whiskey with old friends, make new friends along the path, laugh lots, scare myself, jump off big stuff, stay strong, work hard and have as much fun as possible.[Earlyups]: What is the biggest risk you’ve taken? 

[Sierra Quitiquit]: That’s a great question. This Spring I had an offer to sign with Ford Models and move to Chicago to work catalogue season. I was initially stoked for the opportunity to work with one of the biggest names in the business but deep in my gut it felt wrong. The thought of moving to Chicago to stomp the pavement living and breathing the modeling world made me shutter from a deep place. I wanted to stay and work the west coast market while I skied on Mt. Hood and adventured in the beauty of Oregon. However, I was broke as a joke from my travels last winter and felt fearful that if I didn’t grasp the opportunity I might not get another shot. I eventually remembered that the universe always conspires in your favor if your trust your gut so I turned down the offer. Two weeks later the universe gifted me a contract with Lululemon and an international campaign with American Eagle that highlights me as a skier/surfer/yogi. I guess the moral of the story for me was to always move from the heart and never let fear govern your decisions.

[EU]:  8 things you can’t live without?

[SQ]: My friends, My family, Skiing, Surfing, Yoga, Skateboarding, Vegetables and Muffins.

[EU]: People you look up to?

[SQ]: The Dalai Lama, Claire Smallwood (executive director, my little brothers, anyone who is following their heart and being a positive contribution to this earth.

[EU]: What kind of training do you do for the ski season?

[SQ]: Yoga, running stairs, dancing in heels, weight training, core work, surfing, skateboarding… I’m moving to NYC for the rest of the fall and I’m hoping to take some ballet classes! (check this out for an example of Sierra’s conditioning…)


[EU]: Funniest pickup line you’ve heard as of late?

[SQ]: Last winter a boy texted me “You ski like the wind.” Love it… still laughing.

[EU]: Go-to Apres’ drink?

[SQ]: Well last season I seemed to always have a handle of Jim Beam in my car.

[EU]: What sort of roll does music play in your life?

[SQ]: There’s something so meditative about truly zoning in to an epic beat and loosing yourself in it; on the mountain, the dance floor, skateboarding…

[EU]: Do you always do yoga in your underwear?

[SQ]: Yes, in my underwear or naked. (laughs)

[EU]: What sort of car do you live in?

(Laughs) Well, currently my Subaru Outback is broken down. [Earlyups] So would you say you are homeless? (laughs again). No, well, sorta?

Tell us a bit about your take on modeling?

[SQ]: Well, it’s a unique, competitive, challenging and amazing profession that allows for endless creative expression. I can’t say that I ever saw myself as a “model” and I guess I’m still quite surprised that I’m making it in this industry. I think coming from a completely different background than most of the other girls really helps. They’ve flipped through fashion magazines their whole life. I’ve flipped through Powder. I’m never going to be the prettiest, the tallest or the thinnest girl in the room but I’ve got the energy of the mountains behind me. Holding onto that authenticity and staying true to my roots has really helped me…

[EU]: How do you respond to haters?

Kill em with kindness. Negativity feeds negativity and the world has enough of that. Lets all just take a deep breath and give each other a big hug and push of encouragement towards our wildest dreams. Because after all were all just one big happy family.


[EU]: Hot Dog or Aspen Extreme? [SQ]:Hot Dog FOR SURE


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