POV | Early Season in Jackson

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Hey fun loving Earlyups audience, Jeff here with my own personal POV. While I agree its pretty egotistical to post your own POV to your own site I thought of 4 reasons to answer the question “Why you should watch this video?” 1) Its short. 2) It features 1 OTH face shot for every 4 seconds of skiing. 3) It has good lighting (most of the time). 4) It features a rare instance of my (much coveted) singing. In the words of the intern, “wow Jeff, you really are the songbird of our generation”. Put another way, check this out for a sampling of conditions in the Tetons thus far…

  • http://twitter.com/fulltrucker Evan

    plus 5) It’s actually edited and 6) it’s POV so no one can tell how bad/good of skier you are. Go on, JJB… sing us the song of your people.

    • JeffBrines

      And sing I shall (I see you cringing out there…) Anyone wondering that song goes on for a solid 90 seconds.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amanda.witte Amanda Witte

    way to hold on at about 1:10. wish january was starting as good as december did!

    • JeffBrines

      Sounds like we may get a bit by the weekend and then the flow looks like it *might* change around the middle of the month. AO is messing with us (again) like last year…

  • JHSkierinBoston

    What is this real time snow you speak of? Where can I learn about it? How much does it show the mountain getting since the lifts closed? Sounds cool…I just need to understand it…

  • jeff

    Nice Stoke!

  • Thomas

    Great edit!! What is the song playing?