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News | Avalanche Deaths on Shisha Pangma

22 Shishapangma Main, Central And West Summits And Yebokangal Ri Close Up From Trek Towards Shishapangma North Advanced Base Camp

We hate posts like this. Dynafit's Double8 Expedition has come to a tragic end with two fatalities on Shisha Pangma. Full release and more here... … [Read More...]

Gear | Contour’s Comeback – Introducing the Roam3


Contour is back with the disclosure of a new camera. We take a look at the specs to see if its a viable contenda' or an off-the-back attempt to get back in the ring. … [Read More...]

News | Judge upholds Alta snowboarder ban


Not to beat a dead horse but you won't see a single planker* at Alta anytime soon.... *unless its a monoskier … [Read More...]

Video | Shane and the McConkeys

Shot just one week before his untimely death, this video is one of the most raw and intimate looks into Shane's personal, professional and ski life. A normal perspective on an extraordinary man. … [Read More...]

Dream Line | Trailer for Ptor Spricenieks Documentary


Dream Line is a new Bjarne Salen documentary about the adventures of professional skier Ptor Spricenieks. Tune in for the trailer: … [Read More...]

Earlyups Test Sessions | Atomic Automatic 109


New for 2015, Atomic has squarely positioned the Sage inspired Automatic 109 as the company's do-everything ski for the skier that wants only one ski. Perfect for our test.  How'd she fair in the Test Sessions? Well, that depends on who you are... … [Read More...]

News | Pabst Blue Ribbon sold to the Russians


We aren't making this up, PBR, Rainier, Old Milwaukee, Colt 45 and other fine adult beverages have sold to the Russian outfit Oasis and private equity group TSG Consumer Partners. Full story inside... … [Read More...]

Earlyups Test Sessions | Moment Governor


The Bibby Pro has been one of the most coveted do-everything skis since its inception. Two seasons ago Moment introduced a new Bibby inspired ski now named the Governor. How'd the pintail charger do in our test? Read on to find out... … [Read More...]

Super Proof | The Recruitment (Trailer #2)

The Recruitment is a a fictional ski thriller. Yes, that description had us scratching our heads too. However when the skiers involved include 7 of the best in the world, we have to think it'll hold its ground. Be interesting to see the outcome of this one... … [Read More...]

Earlyups Test Sessions | Salomon Q-Lab


What do you get when you combine race room construction and Cody Townsend? Enter the Salomon Q-Lab... … [Read More...]

I Came to Get Down | David Steele

With the barrage of ski content that comes out in September, somehow we lost this one in the shuffle. But make no mistake, David Steele's 13/14 edit is a blast and goes from rocky cruxes and wet slabs to neck deep powder turns and park runs. Enjoy: … [Read More...]

Earlyups Test Sessions | Volkl One

Volkl One Test

How'd the fully reverse camber 116mm ski handle the variable March conditions of Jackson Hole? Our testers weigh in... … [Read More...]

Safety | AvaTech

Want to know the best avalanche safety tool? The one that keeps you from getting in an avalanche in the first place. The ski community has desperately needed an objective instrument like the SP1 for years. Read on to find out more what happens when MIT level education gets involved with snow analysis... … [Read More...]

The Other Hours


Fact is those of us who run Earlyups have other jobs too. But what makes us tick lies on the brighter side of the office door. So, we're forced to make the most of our time around work & the day to day business of life. I'm sure most people reading this at a desk will relate... Weekend warrior? Pshhh. Make the most of everyday... … [Read More...]

Twenty | Trailer for the 2014 Poor Boyz Ski Movie


The fact that Poor Boyz has been around and making films for twenty years is more than enough to make you feel old. That being said, we look forward to the nostalgia in Twenty, as Poor Boyz has been there to document an incredible journey since '94. This isn't just a blast from the past however, as the movie features action from 2014 but with … [Read More...]