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DPS Cinematic | Sun Dog

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Man's best friend also makes a top notch ski buddy. This is feature film worthy work from the boys at DPS starring one badass big mountain dog (yes, it's a thing). If you have time for one edit all week, spend it here... … [Read More...]

Japan | Luke Tanaka

This is without a doubt the deepest skiing we've seen of 2014/2015... Get some. … [Read More...]

Conditions Check | Dave Treadway Blackcomb

This is a great example of an awesome "conditions check" video. Its short (1 minute) well cut and gives us a damn good idea of the conditions around Blackcomb. Oh - and starring any of the Treadway bros helps! … [Read More...]

User Submit | Norway Powder with Ivar

We love it when users submit footage like this. Watch Ivar get after it in Norway after a huge storm makes for a seriously good opening day. This one is complete with some Norwegian rock, high fives and face shots. Norway eh? Add it to the list... … [Read More...]

Rishiri Island | Japan

If you watch a lot of ski movies, you might think that all people ever do in Japan is ski neck deep pow in perfectly spaced trees. Check out a different take on Japan with the likes of Ingrid Backstrom and Stian Hagen as they climb and ski a remote volcano: … [Read More...]

KC Deane | Skiing.

KC Deane. Skiing. It seems edits like this get lost in the ether of internet-land these days. Still, looks fun even if it is highly generic... … [Read More...]

#TBT | Jackson Sidecountry – Pinned

Good TBT thanks to our friends at TGR. Jackson sidecountry with Ian Mac and friends... … [Read More...]

SBD | Was Cody’s Line the Best Ever?


In this new installment, dubbed SBD (stupid bar debate), we look at the line being talked about as the "greatest ever". Was it the line of the year? Decade? Ever? Or just (another) rowdy line. To answer, we go to the tape - and a photo of a certain snowboarder riding it first... … [Read More...]

Jackson Hole | 50th Anniversary Teaser


Take a look into the past with the teaser video to Jackson Hole's 50th season (which will be 2015-16). Filled with iconic shots of Jackson Hole, from crushing the dance floor at the Cowboy Bar in the 70's to "old school" front flips into Corbet's Couloir, enjoy a great teaser from Jackson Hole and TGR: … [Read More...]

User Submit | Long Season / Short Stories

No budget? No problem. This is a full featured length film brought to you by Marco Tribelhorn telling the story of six stories throughout the alps. Camera + Snow + Friends + Story = Feature Length Movie. Rad. … [Read More...]

East Coast | Cannon Mountain Pow

What does 25" of blower look like on the "Ice Coast"? This... … [Read More...]

Teaser | WYLD

A Wyoming based film from Apres Visuals featuring some of the more promising up and coming athletes. The idea of this is for the cameras to follow the various athletes' pursuit of their passion... … [Read More...]

Cody Townsend | Line of the Year

Hands down, this was no doubt line of year last season. Cody Townsend. Flashing hallways. … [Read More...]

Tahoe | A trend toward the end or a blip on the radar?


Climate change. Weather weirding. Whatever you want to call it, it is undeniable the last few years have been a bit rough for those ¬†around the Tahoe area. With the recent New York Times piece highlighting some of the difficulties, we take a look at some historical data to see if this is a trend toward the end or a blip on an otherwise … [Read More...]

Father Daughter Shred | Lets go skiing with penguins

Whatever you were doing at 11 it most likely was not this rad. Mike Libecki and his daughter venture across Antarctica and go play with penguins. If you are a dad you'll most likely dig this one... … [Read More...]