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Muenster Factory | Cheese Wedge Session

Founded on guiding principles that include diets high in dairy and literal shredding of cheese and snow, the Muenster Factory continues to have a damn good time. Their latest exploits feature a sunny cheese wedge session in Jackson Hole, with plenty of cheese breaks. … [Read More...]

Tanner Hall’n | Episode 2

Remember when it used to snow? Me niether. Lets all be reminded with Tanner Hall's second webisode. Faceshots. Pillows...and amazeballs skiing. … [Read More...]

Balance | with Daniel Tisi

The Tisi brothers are at it again. 16-year old skier Daniel Tisi and his older brother, Jackson Tisi are a dynamic duo of ski and film talent and their latest project is a look at the balance of life for Daniel as a teenage pro skier. … [Read More...]

Sam Smoothy | Interview


Sam Smoothy laid down what might be the best big mountain comp line of all time in Andorra last week. We chatted with the Kiwi about the line, how he trains, his gear setup and more... … [Read More...]

News | Aussie Takes the Aussie Drop

Photo via

This past week a 28 year old skier sent a quad stager ending in a 250 foot air off the backside of Targhee. The catch? He didn't mean to do it...and didn't even have his skis on. Check this for the story... … [Read More...]

McKoy’s Tetons | Salomon Freeski TV


Legendary Jackson Hole photographer Wade McKoy has been in the thick of the JH ski scene for 40 years, and Salomon Freeski TV has teamed up with Wade to share an inside look at skiing in the Tetons. Wade is one of the most enthusiastic and passionate skiers in the Tetons and it's a blast for us to hear his version of the Jackson Hole story, from … [Read More...]

Gear | Sled Skiing Setup & Tips – Part 1 – Overview


Adding a sled to your garage can open world of possibility, fun and adventure. It also means a whole mess of gear, decision making and money pitfalls. Here is what we've chosen to run for the 2015 season including rack, home built "sled deck" (with ski storage) mods (lack thereof) and more... If you are curious about sled access skiing - start … [Read More...]

Best Comp Line Ever? | Sam Smoothy’s GoPro

Sam Smoothy's FWT line from Andorra ranks among the best ever. Now see it through his eyes...Gnarl. (see the non POV here.) … [Read More...]

Best comp run ever? Sam Smoothy’s FWT winning run


While it may not be the best of all time, the exposure and "must stick" nature of this line is absurd. Its the best we've seen this year without a doubt... … [Read More...]

SENDING! | Man Jumps off 100 foot building on fire

Man in Russia sets himself on fire and jumps off a 100 foot building into a pile of snow. While we usually shy away from posting non-ski content this is too @#*ing nuts not to share. And hey, its Friday and not snowing (at least in Wyoming)... … [Read More...]

Snowbird | No more uphill traffic


We may be late to the party on this one but it appears you are no longer allowed to skin snowbird during winter operations. This obviously poses a much bigger question...should ski areas be able to ban uphill access? … [Read More...]

Pep Fujas | Vice Documentary


Part three of the Vice documentary "Lifted" on one of the best skiers in the modern era - Pep Fujas on AK and one of the burliest line we've ever seen... If you watch one edit all week - let this be it. … [Read More...]

Competition | Snowbird Highlights

We won't lie - the competition scene is a hair confusing this season. What once was a unified tour has again fractioned with the FWT in Europe, the Subaru Freeride Series in North America and unafiliated events scattered about as well. With that said, the Subaru Freeride Series went down at Snowbird this past weekend... … [Read More...]

JP Auclair | Tribute Video and Charity

This Fall we were all shaken by the loss of three amazing athletes including industry icon JP Auclair. Sherpas released a rad tribute video with footage throughout the legend's career. Also, Alpine Initiatives - the non profit JP helped start - is running an auction to benefit JP's son and partner here. … [Read More...]

Tanner Hall’n | Episode 1

Sled skiing pillow goodness with Tanner. Episode one of his new web series DELIVERS. … [Read More...]