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Powder TV | Extreme Team

Think you're EXTREME? You might think twice after watching this episode of Powder TV.  Honestly, you can't get any more extreme than at the 2:40 mark, just sayin!  Also, where can we get one of those outfits? … [Read More...]

Sage | Another Rad One-Line POV

Take a run in Sage's shoes. Minimal editing and one-line only gives a real life feel to this POV edit. Which is nice, because you may not be hopping out of a heli and ripping an AK spine anytime soon... … [Read More...]

Daily Brew | December 7

In today's brew: tip rolls with Plake, the story of Sherpas Cinema, early season in Norway, race training POV, crash edits and more... … [Read More...]

Salomon Freeski TV S5E8 | Generation Alta

Salomon Freeski TV has done it again.  This time around they captured the feel and culture of one of the true meccas of powder skiing: Alta.  As you'd expect, this one is loaded with deep, choking faceshots of Utah blower... … [Read More...]

Just For Fun | Nick Baron & Friends in Tahoe

Kick off your Tuesday with 14 minutes of Tahoe fun.  Notable segments of this short include "Act 2: Gapers in the Wild", an Anchorman spoof, tons of pole-cam POV and great tunes... … [Read More...]

Daily Brew | December 6

In today's brew: how to recharge your skin glue, some awesome pro-skier snurf footage, a potential scandal for Shaun White and more... … [Read More...]

Memoirs From The Mountain | Park City & Alta

Julian Carr and Parker Cook try their skills out in the park at PC before heading to a more familiar environment at Alta.  "What's a double cork?"  "I think it's where you open two bottles at once." … [Read More...]

Fischer 2011/12 | Team Video

7 minutes of great footage from around the world with Fischer's Freeski squad. Tune in for lots of drool-worthy ski action from Basti Huber, Jeff Annetts, Tyler Horne, Suzanne Graham and more... … [Read More...]

Andrew Whiteford | Highlight Reel

Our only problem with watching footage of Andrew skiing is that he makes it all look a little bit too easy.  If you watch this before you go skiing today, be prepared to feel disappointed by your own abilities.  You may or may not however,  be disappointed by your lack of such a dirty mustache... … [Read More...]

Nimbus Independent | En Route Camp BC

Anthony Boronowski, Julien Regnier and Eliel Hindert go on a winter camping mission in Callaghan, British Columbia. Callaghan used to be one of Anthony's favorite sled skiing zones, but it was recently declared a provincial park (meaning no sled use allowed). In this episode of "En Route" Anthony gathers a crew and spends some time touring and … [Read More...]

Moving Mountains with Jen Hudak | Japan

Another well-produced webisode of Moving Mountains.  This time around Jen travels to Japan for some serious pow schralping with Julian Carr.  Don't miss the last shot of the episode either! … [Read More...]

Daily Brew | December 5

In today's brew: Video footage of US Ski Team domination, a really painful looking crash, a really stoked guy tossing a front flip and more... … [Read More...]

Rest in Powder | Trailer

Check the trailer for this independent ski/snowboard flick from the Kootenays.  Lots of black and white and lots of pow turns in this one.  The pow slash at 2:22 in is worth the price of admission alone... … [Read More...]

Weekend Brew | December 3-4

Plenty of skiing content in this weekend's brew: Bode Miller upping his badass cred, painful jib action, a snowboard with an iPad in it (huh?), a full-length PNW ski flick, mini-shred at Alta and more.  Click on this, but then go skiing! … [Read More...]

Simply Beauty Production | WFW (Waiting For Winter)

Here is an edit from Simply Beauty Productions that was shot during the 10/11 season.  Locations included France, Sweden, Italy and Greece.  The riders featured are Enak Gavaggio, Julien Lopez, Thomas Diet, Pat Vuagnat, Antoine Montant, Timothée Theaux, Cyril Barat, Cyril Reygnier, Géraldine Fasnacht, Ophélie David, Luc Fantin, Maud Koch, Martin … [Read More...]