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Daily Brew | August 13

In today's brew: heli-skiing in Chile, World Heli Challenge footage from NZ, summertime Whistler action and more... … [Read More...]

Earlyups Videos of the Week | August 11

Our five favorites from the site this week, all RIGHT HERE... … [Read More...]

Friday Classic | TGR’s “The Big One”

"The Big One" was released by TGR in 2006 and tells the first 10 years of the TGR journey, from it's inception in 1996 through films like "Uprising" and "The Realm." "The Big One" is one of our favorites, and absolute required viewing if you plan on spending any time skiing in Jackson. The film embodies some of our favorite things: the … [Read More...]

Re-Post | Candide Thovex’s FEW WORDS Trailer

Candide is back, with a two-year film project in conjunction with Quicksilver, "Few Words." Yes, this trailer is very "That's It, That's All" with dramatic tunes, slow scenics and hiking shots with wolves but Candide skis like nobody else in the world. "Few Words" will premiere in Paris in October and we're hoping the World Tour makes it to us in … [Read More...]

Trailers | D.O.S. Media’s “Collab”

One of the coolest parts of trailer season is seeing upstarts like D.O.S. deliver a look at the up and comer's in skiing. As a bootstrapped startup ourselves, we've got a special place in our heart for these ski flicks that are crafted together with zero sponsorship dollars. The "Collab" trailer is loaded with names you've heard, and names you … [Read More...]

Roner Vision | X Games, Nitro Circus, Racecars and more

Roner making us jealous of his life once again...There may not be skiing in this clip but hey, its summer and this is pretty dang entertaining editor's note, was that Andrew Whiteford at 0:38 seconds in? We think so.  … [Read More...]

Day in the Life of a Pro Ski Photographer | Jonas Bendiksen

Spend some time shooting still photos with Norwegian photographer Jonas Bendiksen in Chamonix. This video captures the magic of Chamonix and takes you behind the scenes of pro-level ski photography. Jonas is shooting with the Leica S2, which retails for the paltry sum of $23,000... … [Read More...]

Edit of the Day | Val D’Isere Spring Shred with Leo T.

Some people are just more fun to watch ski than others, and Leo Taillefer is one of those people. The best way I can articulate it is to simply say that the guy skis like a renegade.  Maybe it's the sliding of rails that are on fire, or the intentional scraping of rocks mid-line, but Leo T. is one of the most fun skiers to watch these days. … [Read More...]

Eye of the Condor 2 | Team Videos & Winners

Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available, but congrats to the lady shredding winners, Team Icelantic. Inside we've also got team videos from Team WIDSIX, Team Chile and Team Discrete. … [Read More...]

Zach Simon | GoPro Durability Test

Check out this quick edit from Mr. Simon as he skis a Jackson classic, Central Couloir. As you will see, all did not go 'according to plan' in the exit. However, from his 'fall' we learn that GoPro's are f****** durable. … [Read More...]

Eye of the Condor 2 | Team Discrete

After winning the "People's Choice" award at the inaugural Eye of the Condor, Team Discrete has delivered the goods once again in year 2 of the event at Ski La Parva, Chile. While the snow conditions might not look epic, the skiing and vibe of the group looks ridiculously fun. … [Read More...]

Earlyups Videos of the Week | August 4

Here are our five favorite videos from a week that was loaded with top-notch content... … [Read More...]

Video | Falling from high places

High quality footage, "grassroots" feeling skiing and deep snow all from Baker and Seymore. While this video might not feature one "pro" it does feature a whole bunch of faceshots and some well shot non-POV footage. Honestly, we feel its worth posting just a tribute to whoever decided to take out the camera on such a deep day. … [Read More...]

Attention Ski Bums: You’re Going to Like This

This POV edit from Josh Randich perfectly blends a great Tenacious D song (Cosmic Shame) with some of the most drool-inspiring POV action we've seen in a long time. The combination is like a manifesto of the ski bum. Cheers to you Josh... … [Read More...]

Trailers | Junkies on a Budget “In Space”

After a series of short teasers, JOB has released their "In Space" trailer with ski action ranging from urban jib to big mountain. The concept: five different film crews from throughout Europe. Each crew edits a segment that represents their side of skiing. In the end, all of the segments are tied together into a plot line. We dig the … [Read More...]