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POV of the Day | A Golden Spring Snow to Dirt

It may not feature the kind of snow riding tool we all use (cough snowboarding cough) but this edit is pretty rad. Sleds, rafting, mountain biking and good snow. A nice changing of the seasons up yonder in Golden BC. Makes you sorta want to quit that dayjob and go find the good life (eh)? … [Read More...]

Gear | JVC jumps into the POV game

On the heels of Sony announcing their consumer oriented HD POV unit JVC has thrown their hat in the ring with a nifty looking POV camera. Again, we aren't trying to become some sort of camera tech blog but with the impact these little devices have had on the coverage of our sport, we feel its fitting to bring our audience any news on new players in … [Read More...]

How’s New Zealand Skiing Right Now?

Looks pretty damn fun to me.  Tune in for opening weekend edits from Olympus, Broken River and Cragieburn... … [Read More...]

Throwback Thursday | Warren Miller Hot Doggin’

This is Hot Doggin' at it's finest. Enjoy one of the biggest fads skiing has ever seen, Ski Dance. Thanks Warren Miller for getting this clip up. … [Read More...]

Give’r Crew | Winter 11/12

Over 12 minutes of goodies in this edit, most which takes place in BC and the PNW. Thanks William for passing this along. … [Read More...]

Mid-Day Brew | July 4th

I'm already hungover and it's not even noon. Time for some ski porn. 'Merica... … [Read More...]

POV of the Day | Tom Runcie 2012 Season

I dig this edit due to the fact that Mr. Runcie made the most of what he could with what he had at his disposal.  Unlike POV edits from last year, crazy pow-filled goodies, this year's crop is all about what you could do on your hardpack days. Well played, Mr. Runcie... … [Read More...]

Gear | New POV player on the block?

Yeah, we know, we're a ski site. However, we're not even sure we'd be around if it wasn't for the point of view camera (POV). Hate it or love it, its here to stay. When we saw a new camera from Sony that appeared to be directly gunning for GoPro we figured it'd be worth the post. Possible technology progression or simply late to the party? … [Read More...]

MSP Monday Movie | In Deep

Time to relax and remember the good times: Sean Pettit getting himself acquainted with the ski world, Kolby West antics and an awesome Shane Mcconkey tribute... … [Read More...]

SPfilms | Time for the Whiteroom Trailer

Trailer season is staring to pick up. That being said, here is SPfilms 2012/2013 trailer.  Their new film, Time for the Whiteroom, looks rad and if it is half as good as this trailer then we are all in for a treat! … [Read More...]

Chopo Diaz | Stevens Pass Shred

This is a few months old however we were drooling over it this past weekend.  Enjoy as Chopo Diaz shreds around Stevens Pass in March. Looks like the conditions were alright... … [Read More...]

Edit of the Day | Summer Pow Madness

Here is a pretty rad big mountain edit out of Austria brought to you by Fabian Lentsch.  Looks like summertime shred in Austria is still full on. I know I want in! Anyone else still getting after it? … [Read More...]

Throwback Thursday | ‘Blizzard of Aaah’s’ Opening Credits

Remember when opening credits used to be not so, lets say, 'bro brah'. Yeah, it's been a while. However, sit back and enjoy the beauty of the opening credit shots from one of the all-time best ski films ever produced, 'Blizzard of Aaah's"'.   … [Read More...]

Skiing in Bolivia | On the Road with Solitaire VIII

This time around in the "On the Road with Solitaire" webisode series, the Sweetgrass Productions crew is summiting 20k foot Volcanoes in Bolivia. As with the rest of the series, the focus is on the adventure and the journey more than the actual skiing. We dig... … [Read More...]

Team Volkl | 2012 Chamonix Shoot

Team Volkl Freeski got together in Cham this year to schralp pow, hit unique features and display some urban trickery. 7+ minutes of fun in this one... … [Read More...]