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Zach Simon | GoPro Durability Test

Check out this quick edit from Mr. Simon as he skis a Jackson classic, Central Couloir. As you will see, all did not go 'according to plan' in the exit. However, from his 'fall' we learn that GoPro's are f****** durable. … [Read More...]

Eye of the Condor 2 | Team Discrete

After winning the "People's Choice" award at the inaugural Eye of the Condor, Team Discrete has delivered the goods once again in year 2 of the event at Ski La Parva, Chile. While the snow conditions might not look epic, the skiing and vibe of the group looks ridiculously fun. … [Read More...]

Earlyups Videos of the Week | August 4

Here are our five favorite videos from a week that was loaded with top-notch content... … [Read More...]

Video | Falling from high places

High quality footage, "grassroots" feeling skiing and deep snow all from Baker and Seymore. While this video might not feature one "pro" it does feature a whole bunch of faceshots and some well shot non-POV footage. Honestly, we feel its worth posting just a tribute to whoever decided to take out the camera on such a deep day. … [Read More...]

Attention Ski Bums: You’re Going to Like This

This POV edit from Josh Randich perfectly blends a great Tenacious D song (Cosmic Shame) with some of the most drool-inspiring POV action we've seen in a long time. The combination is like a manifesto of the ski bum. Cheers to you Josh... … [Read More...]

Trailers | Junkies on a Budget “In Space”

After a series of short teasers, JOB has released their "In Space" trailer with ski action ranging from urban jib to big mountain. The concept: five different film crews from throughout Europe. Each crew edits a segment that represents their side of skiing. In the end, all of the segments are tied together into a plot line. We dig the … [Read More...]

Daily Brew | August 3

Video and links de shred for your Friday morning enjoyment: trailers, behind the scenes footage and what you need to be doing tonight if you happen to be in Chile... … [Read More...]

Splitscreen with Sage | POV vs. “non-POV”

Hate it or love it, the POV angle is everywhere in skiing these days. Sometimes things look gnarlier, sometimes way more mellow. Here's a dose of reality with a splitscreen edit of both vantage points. Sage skiing a spine in AK with TGR. Regardless of camera angle, I'm extremely jealous of how much fun this looks like... … [Read More...]

News | GoPro going public by year end

A whole bunch of financial news wires have picked up on a story about a little camera maker looking to raise up to $500 million dollars in an initial public offering. Could this be just what the camera maker needs to again push the envelope, has the POV bubble passed or are they considering expanding from hardware into media? We take a look... … [Read More...]

Trailers | “Pour Vous Servir” from PVS

French production company PVS keeps trailer season on a serious roll with a teaser for their 2012 release, "Pour Vous Servir" (translation: At Your Service).  The teaser may err on the dramatic side, but who cares when it's loaded with pow slashes, huge ski BASE action and more. Tune in, this is one of the best of the season... … [Read More...]

Trailers | “Hurt So Good” from Legs of Steel

After bringing a top-notch ski film (Nothing Else Matters) to the table last season, Legs of Steel is back with "Hurt So Good." From B.C. and all over Europe, this is as good as it gets... … [Read More...]

Trailers | “The Eighty Six” from Stept Productions

Earlyups is all about big mountain and powder. Yea, yea, yea... How can you not appreciate Stept taking skiing to places like Mile High Stadium in Denver? This may not be the side of skiing you're used to seeing here, but damn is it rad to watch... … [Read More...]

12/13 Ski Movie Trailers | MSP Films ‘Superheroes of Stoke’

Yes, MSP has done it again with another awesome trailer for their upcoming film 'Superheroes of Stoke'. Awesome intro but more importantly let the drooling and powder dreams ensue... … [Read More...]

Pro Playlists | Lynsey Dyer

We were lucky enough interview one of the most ripping girls of our generation, Lynsey Dyer. Check this out for her thoughts on music, summer plans, best Thai in Jackson and, of course, listen to her banger playlist. What are you still reading for?It's Dyer after all! … [Read More...]

Trailers | “Turbulent Flow” from Chaoz Productions

The trailer for Chaoz Productions' 2012 "Turbulent Flow" is loaded with Norwegian goodies, from urban and big booters, to super scenic big mountain lines... … [Read More...]