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Today, we review belts. Not just any belts though, ARCADE BELTS!!!

Arcade Belts

Every so often a new piece of ‘ski gear accessory’ enters the ski market that totally transforms the ski world.

Arcade Belts have put out ‘that’ product…stretchy belts.  Listen, we ( crew) have only had the belts for two weeks however, we are sold that they are the only way to go when holding up not only your ski pants but any causal, work or sexy pants as well.

Yes, we understand that we are writing a ‘gear review’ about belt, BELTS! However, we swear by stretchy belts now! Arcade Belts were developed by ‘Tahoe based Snow-Slayers’ Tristan Queen and Cody Townsend…we are talking about two people that live in the snow so, you know there is a reason why they created the product.


Moves with the body– Unlike leather belts that can be stiff and snag on clothing, Arcade Belts high tensile elastic band moves with the body causing no snagging or adjustment issues. We have really noticed this when hiking for ‘ski-able terrain’. Trust us, you will understand this immediately when you start hucking, hiking, skinning, etc. These belts do an expectational job moving with the body while not creating ‘uncomfortable belt positions’.

Airports– You will most likely never need to take your belt off again for security scanning. Chug a c*** TSA…

Durable as hell– We have been putting these belts through the ringing for the past two weeks while playing on our skis. No fraying, no clip breakage or un-clipping when falling. We even witnessed the intern fall, hard, stomach first on an early season boulder while skiing and the commercial grade plastic buckle did not even show a hint of damage.

Après Vibe/Food Como/Holiday Proof– Ever had too much to drink or eat and have that awkward moment where you need to loosen your belt up just to stop yourself from fainting. NOT ANYMORE, the stretchy belts cure this symptom. The high tensile elastic belt band stretches to whatever your waist/tummy is doing…

Stylish– Listen we are no fashion experts over here at however, even we can tell that these belts look good. Nothing flashy, just solid Arcade graphics with cool colors.








Nothing, absolutely nothing.









Darkhorse Feature-

Listen men, we all have those days where suddenly below the belt Mr. Johnson decides to come up and play. All of a sudden we are left with a decision on how to hide Mr. Johnson from the public.  There are plenty of options but we all know the best is to ‘flip-it up in the waistband’.

However, unless you have an Arcade Belt you will start to feel Mr. Johnson lose life as your standard belt does not comfort nor protect it’s friend… Arcade belts elastic band comforts Mr. Johnson when he decides to play and makes sure he stays high and tight keeping you safe in public view. On behalf of all erratically performing Mr. Johnson’s, thank you Arcade Belts for providing not only support but pillow-soft comfort. Now, time to clean up my belly-button… Advice

Go ahead and buy yourself two Arcade Belts. One to always have on your ski pants and another to swap between your causal/work/sexy pants. You won’t regret it!

They might even make you ski better…


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