Gear | First Impression – Powderhorn Corbet Jacket & Pants

Lesser known outerwear company Powderhorn has been cranking out quality garments for longer than most of those who frequent Earlyups have been alive. Founded in 1972 in Jackson, WY, we have been lucky enough to spend some time in their gear thus far this season. Take a look for our first impression at their top shelf offerings: The Corbet jacket and pants…

Although Powderhorn may not be the first company you think of when the idea of  “ski outerwear” comes to mind, it probably should be. Their top shelf offerings feature everything you’d expect from a reputable outerwear company. Full GORE-TEX shell membrane, waterproof taped seems, breathable & semi-stretchy fabric, hood that fits over a helmet and a connecting system if you choose to go with their pant/jacket combo round out the “specs” of their Corbet Jacket and Pants.

However, what separates Powderhorn from the rest is how their product is cut. It isn’t Tanner Hall baggy nor is it Euro rando-style tight. Instead, it falls somewhere between a standard “US” cut and “Euro” cut. Which in our eyes, fits the (slightly) more mature twenty to thirty something year old demographic perfectly. In short, you won’t look like a tall-tee wearing, newschoolers visiting park monkey but then again you don’t look like a designer-brand wearing hedge fund manager either. Simply put…You’ll look like a skier.

We have had a very limited amount of time in their gear so we’ll hold off on a full review until later, but for now we  can say it performs well, we dig the stretch aspect to their shells (it moves with the skier well) and is great at keeping us dry and breathing respectably well for such a waterproof garment. In short…we dig it.

Want more? Check out Powderhorn here.

“Model” size:

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 190lbs

Inseam: 32

Waist: 34

Chest: 44

Shown wearing size large pants and size XL jacket. (if pants appear to not go down far enough that was a result of the suspenders keeping them up high on his waist during skinning as nobody likes to step on their pants ascending!)



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