Freeskiing | Wait, we haven’t outgrown the “gangster” phase yet?

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Nothing like some rich white kids shooting guns, flying airplanes and sliding rails in the Breck park, huh?

  • Patrick Nelson

    rich kids from Boulder are so hard

  • Reed

    He forgot to thank his sponsors and mom and dad for the trust fund.

  • David Howland

    This is literally the stupidest thing I have seen in a long time. Barring everything else that’s wrong with this video…they haven’t considered the fact that shooting guns out of cars blindly could possibly kill someone?

  • R Price

    I remember my first time shooting a gun too.

  • EGB


  • RickyTic

    Too Dumb, too late to save first drop! And people that are balling with two bitches and a plane don’t drive WRXs….silly posers

  • JeffBrines

    1) Nothing says “skiing” like faux rally cars, recklessly shooting guns, flying airplanes after a bender, and wearing yo’ grill. I really could relate to this video. (<—my attempt at sarcasm)
    2) David Lesh (in this video, owner of FDwear) can be found on the TV show Judge Mathis in 2001 here I'll let you make your own judgement.
    3) This is why the terrorist hate us.

  • Erik Mehus

    well, there is a possible solution to i 70 traffic… although probably not the best pr piece

  • Andrew Gabriele

    Lot’s wrong but I’ll admit to laughing a little

  • Bbutler00

    what is the music! must have…

  • Sally Francklyn

    This is the most revolting thing I have ever seen.

  • JeffBrines
  • Wylie Robinson

    These kids are roller blading… with poles