Eric Hjorleifson POV…

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Eric Hjorleifson is arguably the best big mountain skier in the world right now. So when Hoji comes out with a POV edit you KNOW its going to be worth looking at. Perfect snow, unbelievable spines and a few airs all will likely leave you jonsin’ for the winter to come…(how many days till big lines are in again?)

Want more Hoji footage? Check out this. You wont be disappointed!

Editors Note: Eric Hjorleifson just came out with another POV video since this one dropped. Check it out here.

  • JeffBrines

    Yup. Hoji is a pro.

  • Andrew

    Awesome couloir in the middle of the video. Hoji has the need for speed.

  • skdub

    Stoke factor: high.

  • Prescott Coughlin

    what is this song?

    • Patrick Nelson

      “Genesis” by Justice

      • Prescott Coughlin

        THANK YOU!!!

  • Hankthepayne

    so sweet. cannot wait. SKI MONTANA

  • 3WivesWhine

    yup, time to put my gopro away.

  • Lane – SteepAnDeep

    Sweet! You made it all look so easy.

  • David Zebak

    This guy is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mollsdeep

    I love hoji!!!!

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