Edit of the Day | First Season JH Fun

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You know the story: a group of dudes (always dudes) move to a ski town and are out everyday, ticking off classic lines left and right. Looks like this crew got in plenty of fun lines and lots of pow in a season that just ended (at the resort, that is) yesterday with almost 100 inches less than average snowfall. Take a look at their fun season and “artsy” vid…

While you’re at it, check out these guys’ November edit, “SnorkleVembah!!”

  • Jake


  • Jake

    Nice! Ya skiiers? better bring it over the hill for 2 4 1 tickets! Peaked is waiting…

    • Patrick Nelson

      2 for 1’s? Is this for the rest of the season?

  • Mmpurington

    Whys it “always dudes?” bull shit

    • Patrick Nelson

      Just a joke about the male/female ratios in ski towns…

  • bonerjamz

    Nice work boys!

  • Lane Myers

    Can one of you guys tell Kevin to stop wearing his helmet over his goggles…Thanks:)