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We want to change the way you get your snow information. Earlyups real time snow is the only system on the web bringing you unbiased up-to-the-hour real time snowfall information together with relevant web cams, weather outlook, and avalanche forecasts all complimented by our the most timely video and photo content out there. For now, its only live for the greater Jackson Hole area and is still in development but we will be expanding and polishing the product throughout the month. Check this post out for more information on the product, links and expected launch dates of other regions

We base our lives on snow. It determines when we go to bed, when we wake up, who we hang out with, where we travel to and even the jobs end up calling “careers”. So it would make sense we’d want the most timely, comprehensive, unbiased, up-to-date snow information we can get our hands on. Simply, this is the objective and manifesto of this project; to give our snow loving friends the best information so we wake up earlier for the good days, plan more accurately for those ‘sick’ days, and stay safer out there when the weather turns dangerous.

March of 2012. We had started running prototypes of the product. Result? Untouched snow long before the “convetional” reports went live.


Not into lengthy releases? Good. Here is the “Cliff’s Notes” (summary)

  • What: Real Time Snow is the only place to get unbiased, real time snowfall information on the web. Also you will find relevant web cams, weather information, weather alerts, maps, avalanche reports, pertinent ski content and social feeds all in one place. 
  • When: Updated approximately every hour
  • Why: So you can make better decisions, have more fun, get more powder in the face, stay safer out there and be more efficient in your life. Lets all work smarter, not harder eh?
  • How: We are scraping this information from a variety of different governement owned and operated sources then running it through a “secret” Earlyups formula. Its nerdy stuff. Your eyes will glaze over as soon as you read the words “linear regression”.
  • How do I use it?: Check down below. We’ll help you.
  • Future: Yup, its coming to a place near you and we’ll keep polishing it to make it more accurate and easier to use. Even alert you when it snows in the places you care about. Give us time..(and show us you like it!).
How do I use it?  For now a “beta” (test) version is only live for the Jackson Hole area. When you check out the “regional” page you’ll find something like this.

The purpose of this page is to give you an idea what is happening in the region as a whole. Below this table, you’ll find a graphical representation of the location of the plots (where they are on a map).

The data is current as of the time stamp in the upper right hand corner and run over a 24 hour period. For example in the above example,  the information on the page was current as of 4:45PM. Meaning it was gathered from 4:45 the day before until 4:45 the day of this posting. 24 Hours. Just like most reports are done at your local mountain…only this is up to the hour!

We are aware, the snotel driven data (ends in SNOTEL) is often off. Usually this occurs outside of a storm when the sensor goes haywire. We are working on a solution to this. Don’t fret! They still are worthy of looking at to see what the temperature is doing at a certain elevation and what the storm is maybe producing. Just take the precip data with a grain of salt and know we’re nerding out on the data like crazy to get rid of the “noise” (bad data).

Clicking on any of the plot locations will take you to far more comprehensive information including weather, cams and avalanche forecast. For the Teton area, we suggest most look at the Raymer or Rendevouz plot.

The fun meter is an anecdotal (and fun) way we’re gauging how it is out there. This is logic driven based off the data we’re given. We’ll be expanding this as time goes on to be a better measure of how it really is out there.

We are hopeful to have Colorado and Utah launched by the 14th of January with Montana, Idaho, and the rest of the Western US sometime thereafter. If the people (you gals/guys) say you like it and the traffic is their to sustain the product, we’ll add the entire western United States, and we have plenty of development thereafter to do…we’re excited. Can you tell?

We encourage you to play around and email any suggestions to Jeff AT Earlyups D O T Com (XXXXX@earlyups.com)

Thanks for checking it out!


Your Fun Loving Earlyups Team


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