Low Earth Orbit #2 | Cody

Tristan Greszko's heli/camera setup showcases what crazy times we live in. Ten years ago these shots would not have been possible at any cost. Today a camera/quadrocopter setup like this can be had for under $2K. Which is what? An hour of heli time? … [Read more...]

Low Earth Orbit | Tristan Greszko


Tristan Greszko is a Jackson Hole skier/photographer/artist extraordinaire.  He's been on a mission to perfect his aerial photo/video game and is calling this the "R&D reel."  Tune in for a collection of some of the most amazing angles of skiing, … [Read more...]

Daniel Tisi | 12/13 Jackson Hole Edit

Teenage shredder Daniel Tisi continues to step up his skiing, as evidenced by his segment in this years TGR film, Way of Life. Check out Daniel's footage from the movie as well as additional shots from TGR and his brother Jackson, who put this edit … [Read more...]