Best Urban Segment Ever | J.P. Auclair

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After this segment blew up on the internet (in the form of an illegal rip from the film “All.I.Can.”), Sherpas Cinema has released it legally for your viewing pleasure.  This is the type of skiing you dream about doing or only previously thought about within the realm of video games.  Enjoy!

Sherpas Cinema was nice enough to release this for us.  Now go buy the full movie!

  • KatieDid062

    This is an awesome clip…….skier is fantastic and the camera work outstanding!!

  • Nancy Hoffman

    that was superb….

  • Puffthemagicdragon

    could you please post some information on the soundtrack.

    • Patrick Nelson

      Hey Puff- the song is “Dance Yrself Clean” by LCD Soundsystem!

      • Puffthemagicdragon

        Thanks Patrick.

  • Joey Roberts

    I like it!

  • Joe Spence

    If you ski, like good music, or cinematography, check this out!
    Joe Dady