Andrew Whiteford: Mid Wintahhhh 2011

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Andrew Whiteford consistently puts out our favorite POV’s in skiing.  Watch as Andrew flashes impressive lines around Jackson and makes it all look a bit too easy.  As usual, this edit is a blast and tells my brain that I must go skiing immediately!

Mid Wintahhhh 2011 from Andrew Whiteford on Vimeo.

Check out a couple more great edits from Andrew’s season:

“Make You Feel That Way”

Andrew Whiteford’s Q4 Report

Want more of Mr. Whiteford? Check out ESPN’s writeup on him from earlier this month.

  • Luke

    Sick video bro, just got my GoPro.. What software do you use to edit the footage? Cheers, Luke

    • Luke

      If anyone has a reply to this it would be appreciated! cheers

      • JeffBrines

        Luke, Andrew uses Apple Final Cut Pro to edit and MpegStreamClip to convert from mp4 to ProRes (a working format). We will be doing a tutorial post in the near future on our suggestions in POV editing. Hope that helps!