“Action Jackson” | Storm Show Studios Interview and Premiere

Darrell Miller’s Storm Show Studios has been churning out Jackson-based ski/snowboard thrillers for the past 11 years. These films always display a deep talent pool of big mountain riding in JH, with a mix of familiar and unfamiliar names charging burly lines, year after year. Check out the trailer and our interview with the man behind the madness…

For those in Jackson, or those anywhere near Jackson: Don’t miss out on the premiere this Saturday, November 5th at Snow King Resort. 6PM and 9PM shows. Details here.

Darrell Miller Interview

Earlyups:  The Storm Show movies typically feature a wide array of local JH Ski/Snowboard talent.  Do you shoot it all, or do you have people contributing their own footage?  How many people contribute footage for the average Storm Show movie?

Miller: “I shoot about 2/3 of film, others contribute footage and trust me with the edit.  Much appreciated as a Storm Show film without contributions would be a bit flat.”

Earlyups: How many hours of editing go into the typical film?

Miller: “Typically about 2 months of pre-editing.  Labeling, logging, memorizing, story board, music selection, sponsorships, artwork & design, etc.  A solid 2 months of main editing, with laying down footage to music, titles, effects, etc.”

Earlyups: Of the 11 films (it’s 11, right?) you’ve produced, what’s your favorite?

Miller: “Yes, 11.  Or 12 if you count 1999’s ‘The Addicts’.  Favorite film is probably ‘Trial & Air’, or ‘Magic Moments’, or ‘Miller’s Thriller.’  But ‘Action Jackson’ is the new shit, I’m stoked!  Hard to beat a 700″ year with multiple first descents.  What JH History is made of.”

Miller’s Thriller Trailer (2010)

Earlyups: What line or clip stands out the most in your mind of those 11 films?

Miller: “Most outstanding clip is probably Matt Combs’ SkiBASE jump off Talk is Cheap in 2006 (Editors Note: see this line in the “Miller’s Thriller” trailer above, at the 1:00 mark).  A foot deep fracture leads to massive sluff over the cliffs, he points it off the end and throws his chute.  Mindblowing!  But Jeff Leger’s swan dives in ‘Action Jackson’ might take the cake, fu@%ing beautiful.”

Earlyups: Do you get anxious to do some riding of your own when you’re out on a bluebird pow day, waiting to film one of the riders?

Miller: “Yea I get anxious.  I’ve gotten better over the years at putting away the camera and just ripping with friends.  It’s a fine line between making a movie and just enjoying it.”

Earlyups: Are you ever scared watching the riders that you’re shooting?

Miller: “Yea, super gripped behind the camera watching the shit go down.  It’s never set in stone that they’re gonna be alright.  I suppose that’s what makes ski movies interesting, is that you don’t know the outcome.”

Earlyups: How is a Storm Show movie different from a movie produced by one of the “big” ski film production companies?

Miller: “Storm Show is basement-budget and on the verge of collapsing under it.  It’s pure heart and soul.  No frilly sponsor shots.  Not trying to please anybody except the JH audience.  Not high on ourselves, just high on life.  No heli’s, no rails.  Just deep pow, high fives, scary lines and massive airs.”


The Storm Show Studios website has some great old trailers.  If you want to move to or visit JH, the Storm Show movies are required viewing.


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