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The Big Picture #3 | Parker White & Chris Logan


Lots of rad skiing in here with Parker White and Chris Logan. From Retallack, BC for the Orage Masters and onward through BC, Washington and Montana, these guys sure can shred: … [Read More...]

Spring Skiing in Are, Sweden | Reine Barkered, Henrik Windstedt & co.


There's something about mobbing around the mountain with your buddies, grazing rocks, airing to flat and enjoying the hell out of some spring shred. Enjoy that vibe with Reine Barkered, Henrik Windstedt, Erik Sunnerheim and friends in Are, Sweden. There may be no music but there are plenty of hoots and hollers to fill the void. … [Read More...]

Closing Day Burrrlapzing | Fernie with Dylan Siggers & co.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 9.52.17 PM

Closing day fun at Fernie with Dylan Siggers, Rob Huele & co. The fun factor is off the charts, look no further than the nollie front flip while unloading the lift at 1:00 in for proof: … [Read More...]

4bi9 Goes to Alta

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 9.28.25 PM

Bluebird, soft landings and floaty airs at Alta. We think you'll enjoy: … [Read More...]

The Ski Buddy System #2 | Rad Sled Skiing in Montana


Rob LaPier, John Spriggs and Matt Philippi harvest the benefits of a big winter in Montana, with some top-notch sled skiing action. Every line looks like a blast and we see most from POV and non-POV angles. Tune in for 5 1/2 minutes chock full of deep landings, straightlines, crashes and high-five worthy ski action: … [Read More...]

Gear | Dynafits New Quiver Killer – Spy Shots


With the recent announcement Dynafit had poached 4Frnt product manager and athlete Cody Barnhill, its no secret the company is looking to completely rework its big mountain offerings. Here, we get a sneak peak... … [Read More...]

Speedriding Lift Jib | This is Gnarly


This is gnarly. Valentin Delluc gets up close and personal with a lift cable. Speedriding + jibbing is one of the crazier things we've seen... … [Read More...]

Edit of the Day | Koen Bakkers Touring Lines


This is Koen Bakkers version of skiing in France. Wow: … [Read More...]

Baqueira/Beret | Fun Looking Terrain in Spain


Spain isn't exactly the first country that comes to mind when you think "skiing." Thankfully Adria Millan is here to showcase some seriously fun looking terrain in the Pyrenees at Baqueira/Beret. Enjoy: … [Read More...]

Adventure Skiing New Zealand | A Puzzle with Beau Fredlund


This one is right up our alley as springtime kicks into gear. Travel, hiking in the rain, piece of $h*t cars, crampons on roofs and plenty of good old-fashioned adventure skiing. Enjoy the journey with Beau Fredlund: … [Read More...]

Superproof: The Recruitment | 2014 Ski Movie Teaser


Superproof is Sean Pettit's new production company and The Recruitment looks to be a 2014 ski movie (fall release) with some sort of accompanying storyline, although it's not clear yet how exactly that will play out. The title and the "throwing a guy in a van" scene seem to imply a skier fraternity recruitment a la Old School (see below) although … [Read More...]

Hoji vs. Avalanche


Eric Hjorleifson skis one of the most dreamy spine lines we have ever (ever) seen. Halfway through his line it becomes apparent that there is a slide going on skiers right and Hoji points 'er out of the exit. Tune in for the madness: … [Read More...]

Video | Tanner Hall and Sander Hadley at Squaw

Watching POVs like this is an awesome reminder that just cause its not deep out there doesn't mean you can't have a blast. Watch Tanner and Sander turn the mountain into a video game... … [Read More...]

Tested | DPS Lotus 138 “Spoon” Pure 3


We spent a number of (good) days on DPS's flagship soft snow ski. It may very well be the best powder ski in the world... … [Read More...]

Edit of the Day | Kyle Cota Squaw Sending + Crashing


Kyle Cota's April Cools edit is packed full of classic lines at Squaw. Whether it was a stomp or a tomahawk, you'll find it in here: … [Read More...]