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Season Edit | Eric Lovely and Company

2014-15 backountry snow reel from Eric Lovely and company. Filmed in the depths of Colorado and Wyoming. Enjoy! … [Read More...]

Trailer | Conquering the Useless

Husband and wife supercouple team up to produce one of the cooler projects we've seen of late. Via the website: Conquering the Useless is a story about this full scope of skiing. From a family centered around mountains to going deep into the unknown, this documentary style film tells a story about a relationship with the mountains, the friends and … [Read More...]

This Is Freeride | SCARPA Freedom RS


Scarpa dropped a new video introducing their do-everything Freedom RS. Check this for some info and a video straight from the horses mouth... … [Read More...]

Season Edit | Spencer Romanchuck 2014/2015

One of the better season edits we've seen of late. Via Spencer 'POV footage of my 14/15 season. Searching for pow in a less than ideal snow year while being haunted by injury, Ill take what i can get'. … [Read More...]

Must Watch | Dragonfly Peak New Zealand

I remember an old Warren Miller from the 90s when ole man Warren himself started talking about just how big the mountains of New Zealand are. Massive amounts of vertical. Its something we don't often think about during the hot summer months but NZ big mountain shredding can rival anything. This might easily be mistaken for Haines or a big face in … [Read More...]

Kye Petersen’s Winter | In Search


There are few who can rival Kye's ability on snow. If you are looking for a trailer to wow you with one athlete's on snow big-mountain talent, look no further. This is a look at the winter that was with Kye. In the words of Wayne's World - "We're not Worthy" … [Read More...]

Daniel Tisi 2014/15

Daniel Tisi is young, humble and hard working and its been a lot of fun watching him progress in skiing. Check out some highlights of his 2014/15 season: … [Read More...]

Not Skiing but Rad | Down to Nothing

Sans skiing, this one has it all, adventure, mystery, struggle and very high production value. A six-person team attempt to summit an obscure peak in Myanmar (Hkakabo Razi) to determine if it is Southwest Asia’s highest point. Anytime The North Face, National Geographic and Camp 4 Collective get together its going to be worth your time. This is no … [Read More...]

Las Lenas | More Hard (Molt Forte)

Mor Fort (More Hard) features Dorian Densmore's gopro moments from 3 days of skiing in early August 2015 in Las Lenas, ARG. … [Read More...]

T Hall | 5 Full Runs

No fancy video equipment or crazy special effects. Just 5 full runs with one of the best in the game. The giant 3 from line one is worth the watch alone...Ready for winter yet? … [Read More...]

New Zealand | 15 Seconds of Zen

Deep conditions and a giant backie. Need to escape the workplace for 15 seconds? Serenity now... … [Read More...]

Trailer | Superproof The Masquerade

Seven reasons to tune in for the BC based trailer: Sean Pettit, Richard Permin, Mark Abma, Callum Pettit, Joe Schuster, Torin Yater-Wallace and Noah Bowman. Ready? Watch. … [Read More...]

2015 MSP Trailer | Fade to Winter

The new MSP trailer for Fade to Winter is here and snow sliding is not far off. Get ready. … [Read More...]

Martin Lentz | 2015 Season Edit

Dedicated to Bryce Astle and the Astle Family! Good Vibes Only My best shots from the 2015 season. A huge thank you to my mom and dad for their ongoing support, my incredible friends for always keeping the good vibes rolling and to all my sponsors for setting me up with sick gear! … [Read More...]

4 Dudes 1 Taco:::18 day Ski Road Trip

4 Friends went on an 18 day Road Trip in Feb/March 2015 through New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. We drove 5300 miles and split our time crashing in our make-shift  RV/Cargo trailer and crashing with friends along the way. We skied a mix of resort, slackcountry and backcountry. No "all-time" skiing skills, but infinite fun and over 100" … [Read More...]

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